Casey Batten
Sometimes as a viewer, we see glimpses of ourselves in art. The color, the lines, the subject matter remind us of a moment in time or a thought of the future.  We have an emotional or intellectual reaction to what we are viewing. To get that kind of reaction is my greatest desire in displaying and sharing my illustrations. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1998 with a BFA in Illustration.  After school I worked as a graphic artist for a few years, before life veered down a different path. I’ve recently decided that now is the time for me to get back into creating illustrations and other art work.

Cheryl Kessler
I’m always so happy creating! Whether painting or quilting I’m constantly trying to stretch my work towards a different dimension. Photographing moments in time, and using the photos as the subjects of my paintings, provides a very personal approach. My work hovers between this method, and very abstract, Aboriginal inspired paintings.    Growing up in Australia, Aborigine art has always greatly influenced and fascinated me, with its use of color, design and dot patterning. The above philosophy also applies to my approach to quilting with a greater emphasis on color use in design.

Claudia Pack
I am an aspiring artist and I try to paint with a gentleness to it, soft edges and slightly realistic. My love for both nature and art are reflected in this trilogy of watercolors, with each piece having a different warm red tone to it. 

Deb Auclair
Primarily self-taught, my current painting style is mostly abstract expressionism, impressionism or lyrical abstraction.  The works of many well-known abstract artists, such as Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell have been the inspiration for much of my recent work. My more representational pieces reflect my love of the ocean and the outdoors. I have exhibited my art in numerous juried shows and galleries in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Douglas Huntley
My interest is in making abstract mixed media art. My paintings often look like an aerial view of rivers, desert and mountains. They start with texture that I build up with plaster, sand, rocks and modeling paste. This I shape further by chiseling, scraping and sanding. I pour, drip, brush and push acrylic colors and gels onto the canvas.

Elizabeth LeBlanc
Process is my passion; the result of this passion is my artwork. Art making offers balance, a sense of calm. Patience, perseverance and passion.

J.J. Sawicki
I am from Nashua where I live with my husband and two children. I have been creating art using many mediums for as long as I can remember. After 27 years of working in the real estate industry and I am finally able to pursue my dream and create art full time. I own Odin's Eye Studio where I focus on drawing, painting and wood burning.  Being a huge comic book/sci fi nerd, a lot of what you will see from me will revolve around that genre. You won't see it anywhere else!

Madeleine LaRose
A native of Nashua, NH and lifelong resident, I attended local schools and graduated from Rivier College with a BA in English Literature. Although my professional life centered on teaching English in local junior high schools, I devoted as much of my spare time as possible throughout my life to artistic pursuits. Over the years, I took instruction at various times from many local artists, including Kay Kandra and James Aponovich, and practiced my artistic skills in different media: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, oil pastels, collage, and acrylic paints. I also devoted a good deal of time and study to the art of photography, which, I believe, has enhanced my skills in painting and composition. Retirement has provided me an opportunity to express myself artistically with greater intensity and concentration. My most recent work is in acrylics and pastels. I am enjoying expressing myself in both media, and have become particularly fond of pastels. I love the tactile qualities and the rich colors. I have taken instruction from pastel artist Mary Ellen Brown, participated in workshops in floral pastel and seascape pastel painting with internationally known pastel artist Lyn Diefenbach. I exhibit my work at a few local galleries such as the Art Hub in Nashua and Wild Salamander in Hollis, NH. I frequently enter local art shows, such as the Beaver Brook Fall Festival and the ArtWalk. I have also had my work juried into five recent Grace Chapel Art Gallery exhibits in Lexington, MA. Most recently, I was one of 10 lead artists for the City Arts Nashua public art project, Comeback Kitchen Tables. I am a member of the Hollis Arts Society, Nashua Area Artists Association and the Art League of Lowell.

Monique Sakellarios
I create original oil paintings of landscapes, gardens, and market scenes in the impressionist style. I want my paintings to be light and warm so they make you feel good.  I want to convey feeling – that’s the sole purpose of my work. I studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art, and the American University, both in Cairo, Egypt.  My paintings are exhibited in national competitions, have won numerous awards, and may be seen in several galleries throughout the US.  My affiliations include a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America.  Come visit me during Art Walk at my gallery Maison de l’Art on East Pearl Street

Sid Ceaser
I'm a portrait photographer who loves shooting head shots for people of all kinds as well as photographing bands and musicians for publicity, press kit, promotional and album/cd artwork. I also love creating pictures of things related to toys, movies, video games and all kinds of pop-culture. Previously located in the Picker Building since 2004, I've recently relocated to the Picker Collaborative Artists building at 3 Pine Street in the Nashua mill yard.

Stephen Topia
I am a nature photographer living with my wife Beth in Nashua. I enjoy shooting landscapes and animals. Traveling to new places to find that one shot is what I love about photography. Find out more about my work at my web site and Facebook page

Susan King
I have always been creative, and art has always been a big part of my life. Whether it was teaching art in school or to my children at home, I have always felt a strong connection to the fine arts. New England is full of beautiful scenes that are just waiting to be painted. With the changing of season we have so many opportunities to view beauty everywhere ... the mountains, the seas, the lakes, and farmland. I grew up in Massachusetts but have been a resident of New Hampshire for over 23 years, and I am proud to be a New Englander; I would never want to live anywhere else. As mainly a realism landscape and seascape painter, I love to work with acrylics on canvas or gouache on watercolor paper. Both provide the same rich pigments that I love in my paintings. They allow great flow, as I work each painting. It is important for me to show details and to make each painting as realistic as I possibly can. The beauty of each scene is in the truthful, realistic beauty of its simplicity. I do not enhance what I see by painting anything perfect grass, maybe a broken fence post, possibly a water line on a sea wall. To me, the beauty is in what is actually seen, and that’s what makes each piece truly realistic. I am a member of the Nashua Area Artists’ Association where I exhibit at their ArtHub Gallery on an ongoing basis.  I have exhibited at the Beaver Brook Association’s Fall Festival in Hollis, at ArtWalk, at the NAAA exhibit at Rodgers Memorial Library, in Hudson, the “Flower Power” exhibition at Grace Chapel’s Art Gallery in Lexington, MA, and the “Everything Small” exhibition at Amherst Town Library. I recently, took part in City Arts Nashua’s “Comeback Kitchen Tables” project for the NAAA, by painting a chair for the NAAA table and by a painting of Greeley Park’s Stone House, which was part of the table top. Recently, I was delighted to be City Hall’s “Artist of the Month” for August with my “Summer Time in New England” theme.

Tammy Jann (Carlson)
Everything that I see around me is a possible subject for my photos. Most of my photos are taken in my own back yard.  They are usually familiar objects and nature that are interpreted from my own point of view. I hope my art will inspire and encourage folks to stop and take a closer look and to admire the world around them. I am a writer and singer/songwriter and I try to infuse these ideas into my songs and poetry.  I am an artist in Merrimack and my photos were recently on the cover and featured in the summer edition of the NH Poetry Society's publication of "The Touchstone".