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ArtWalk Weekend 2014
10th Anniversary

OCTOBER 17 - 18 - 19


Over 100 artists will be exhibiting and selling their work at ArtWalk this year. Fine art, crafts, quilts, jewelry, underwater photography, 3-D art and so much more. The list of Artists shows where they will be located, and what they have to offer. You can shop local for your holiday gifts and support the arts in the greater Nashua area. Plan your route with our ArtWalk Program/Map, and be sure to include Entertainment and Food Stops when you visit ArtWalk this year.

Monique Sakellarios  -  Maison de l’Art

I create original oil paintings of landscapes, gardens, and market scenes in the impressionist style. I want my paintings to be light and warm so they make you feel good.  I want to convey feeling – that’s the sole purpose of my work. I studied at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art, and the American University, both in Cairo, Egypt.  My paintings are exhibited in national competitions, have won numerous awards, and may be seen in several galleries throughout the US.  My affiliations include a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of AmericaCome visit me during Art Walk at my gallery Maison de l’Art on East Pearl Street.

Jennifer Lamerand  -  30 Temple Street

I am a professional photograph featuring my landscape photography on canvas.  I paint with pixels and print my landscapes on canvas so they resemble paintings.  All are gallery wrapped, stretching the artist’s canvas so it wraps around the stretcher bar and is secured in the back of the wooden frame, allow you to frame your piece of art – or not.  I also specialize in portraits and weddings.

Timothy Foley  -  30 Temple Street

I've been paintings oil on canvas for 19 yrs. I have painted in various styles and genres like impressionism, surrealism, cubism among others.

Lisa Hutchins  -  30 Temple Street

I have a wide range of custom jewelry, 3 D paintings, chimes and painted planting pots.

Debbie Auclair  -  30 Temple Street 7th Floor Emerging Artists

A wife, mother, dreamer, self-taught photographer & artist, hiker, runner, dark chocolate lover, strong black coffee drinker and "red wine only, please" occasional imbiber, who loves God, family and friends and living every crazy day, spinning around the sun on this amazingly beautiful planet. Oh, and I guess now that I am blogging, I am a writer too. I work in a small spare bedroom in my house that I named SunBlue Studio because I love sunshine and blue is my favorite color, but mostly just because I liked the sound of it. It’s the place I go to create when I want to play like a 5-year old. I currently dabble with acrylics, watercolors and inks, but I am always experimenting with new mediums. When I want to play like the grown-up that I am (or should be), I take my camera and head outdoors. Being outside in nature, in the mountains or at the beach is where my soul rests, my heart sings and my creativity becomes unleashed. Dreaming It and Doing It!  I’m soulfully creating an artful and active life.

Kerri Mulligan  -  30 Temple Street 7th Floor Emerging Artists

I enjoy drawing and painting, predominantly with watercolor, my primary subjects being nature and interiors.

Madeleine LaRose  -  30 Temple Street 7th Floor  Emerging Artists

I consider myself an amateur artist although I have dabbled in the arts for many years. I have used my camera frequently as my medium and have entered a number of local art shows and photography contests. My photographs are frequently the inspiration for my work in other media. Watercolors were my preferred medium for many years, but recently I have created most of my paintings in acrylics. I also love to experiment with mixed media and have created some of my favorite pieces this way. Another recent experiment for me in the pictorial arts form of zentangle and I love combining that technique with other media.

Carmen Verdi  -  30 Temple Street  7th Floor Emerging Artists

I am a self-taught, visual artist from Nashua, NH. My medium of choice is pencil, although I enjoy using pen & ink and pastel. The subjects I choose are human beings, mostly gathered in large crowds and active. My pencil work is performed using only pencil lines on paper with each piece completed after 50 hours of work. My goal is to share my work with the public, and other artists, one day, making art my career.

Catherine LeComte  -  Riverwalk Café  Emerging Artist

As a fine art photographer my work often centers around themes of life and death.   I frequently use water as a metaphor and recently began experimenting with underwater photography and video. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah (GA) College of Art and Design, placed fourth in the Photographers Forum Best of College and High School 2014 Contest, and was inducted into Nikon’s Emerging Photographers Hall of Fame.

Cindy Goodman  -  Picker Building 3rd Floor

My daughter Krystal and I enjoy making quilts together at our studio All American Quilt Company.  We have made several Quilts of Valor and personally presented them to our local Marines. We rent out our long arm quilting machine to customers who like to finish their own quilts and also complete quilts for customers. We love making memory quilts out of t-shirts or family photos.

Kimberly Leach  -  Beckonings

Kimberly’s creatures began as a quest to find something to do with my step daughter.  I thought “what kids doesn’t like paper mache.”  The versatility and strength of the mache medium is endless.  Who knew paper could be anything you want it to be.  I work in multi-media: cloth / paper mache, acrylic, enamel, polymorph plastic, clay, wood. Much of my supplies are recycled material: newspaper wire hangers linens and packing material like air pillows.  The hubby is into dragon dentistry and has fun making all the teeth.  All of my pieces are up for adoption.  All are unique one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Carla Sullivan  -  Glorious Possibilities

I refer to myself as a Pajama Artist, I love waking up with my cup of coffee and and heading down to my studio at home in my pajamas to create, to revive, to make come to life a new piece. My love of finding inspiration in old pieces of furniture, old rusty, or run down items, has always been a passion of mine. My art is my way to be creative in a therapeutic manner, while allowing me to share the beauty that is possible by giving new life and new beginnings to old things.

Anita Wolcott  -  Glorious Possibilities

No Brushes Allowed is a brand new business on the Art Scene. A place where we think BEYOND brushes to learn, play and expand our creativity and look beyond the conventional uses of everyday objects. Children and adults have an opportunity to learn new things by hands-on trial and error and can experiment with different textures and techniques. We love to incorporate non-traditional tools and find new uses for household objects like spray bottles, spatulas, potato mashers and toy cars to do just that. While No Brushes Allowed does not have a store front as of yet, we are excited to be part of local events like the Art Walk.

Duane Bean  -  Glorious Possibilities

I am a pen and ink artist who brings you to different areas of New England, capturing a moment in each location with such intricate detail in each piece that you feel as if you are there. Each pen and ink drawing is brought to life over many hours of work and creates something startling real with an old world charm. I aspired to be an artist at a young age and tried many different mediums, but was unable to pursue my talent until after retirement to New Hampshire. I am mostly self-taught, having taken a few classes with Libby Chase, Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of NH. During these classes, I fell in love with pen-and-ink drawing and get my inspiration from the New England landmarks and the beauty of the land and seascapes around me. I am a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association and the New England Art Reach.  My work has been displayed in a number of galleries and libraries in New Hampshire.  My wife and I reside in Dover, NH.

Susan E. Hanna  -  Just Lights

My recent work and in-progress creations explore larger canvasses, an emphasis on working fast with wet paint and palette knife, and my ongoing love of seascapes and rural views. My joy derives from recreating, and hopefully sharing, the pleasure I feel when I see light glowing through the leaves, across the sky or skittering along wave tops and eddies. I want others to also feel a little breathless at the way a current leads to the coastline, which echoes the cliff line high above where branches gracefully keep the mind’s eye moving. Patrons have described my art as “serene.” And that’s probably the closest description to how I feel when I paint. I work primarily in oil with some acrylic plein air pieces sneaking through. I am self-taught with art displayed in New England and across the United States. The photo is Dune Crossing, oil, 18x18.

Ute Carbone  -  Pompanoosuc Mills

When I was growing up, I had a really long list of what wanted to be. Some I've actually accomplished: teacher, mother, workshop leader. I've always loved to read books, I scribbled, I wrote songs for my guitar when I was a teen, I kept a journal in college. When my children were small, I began to write poetry. I joined a poetry group. I got a few poems published. Then, in a writing workshop, I began writing fiction A seed was planted. The stories I wrote got longer and longer until one day I found myself writing a novel. I finished the novel in fits and starts and wrote another one. Then another. Each time, I learned a little more about the art and craft of storytelling. Each time, I got to enter a brand new world. Through my characters, I've been many things, from a shark researcher to an 1850's heiress to a ski patrol woman. Who knows what's next? Writer, it's the perfect job for the girl who wanted to be everything. In reading my books, you can be these things too. I hope you'll enjoy reading my stories and the journeys they take you on as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Doug Huntley  -  Pompanoosuc Mills

My interest is in making images that speak to the elusiveness and fragility of our world and our own individual existence. When I start a painting I don’t know what it will look like when finished. I like to make shapes and textures that push me to see the world with fresh eyes and consider things in a different way. Materials I use include sand, plaster, rocks and burlap that I glue with modeling paste and gels on the canvas. Then I decide if the work needs to be natural, white or colored with acrylic paint that mixes well with the gels and pastes that hold things together. In the finished mixed media painting nothing is recognizable and yet it somehow looks familiar. Did it come from the ground or is it an aerial view? The possibilities go on and on.

Jo Ann Shields  -  Fresh of Nashua

I love working with my hands and making things.  Beading was where I started but began taking classes exploring metal work.  Inspired, I was soon crating organic sculpture jewelry based on my deep love of nature and plant forms.  Each piece I make is hand forged using techniques such as chasing repousse fold-forming and embossing.  I make all the elements of each item using fine silver sterling silver, copper and brass, but al incorporate recycled metals such as antique silver plate to add a unique twist to my contemporary designs.  You will find interesting elements such as unpolished stones cut gems and found objects. No two pieces are alike.

Yusuf Abudi  -  YCD Holistic Healing

I was born in Palestine and immigrated to the United States in 1979. I started my journey in photography at the age of 9 when my father gave me a Kodak 126 Instamatic. My passion in photography has always been in three areas: architecture, nature and wildlife and that has been consistent since I first began.  My goal is to capture the beauty of the subject, whether it’s a hawk soaring in the air, the relaxing running of water over rocks or clean lines of a building.  My photographs enable you to see the world from a different view. Being behind the lens gives a better perspective of the things we miss in a normal day as we pass by them; such as the beauty of a building that may appear to be of no significance or the tiny, colorful orchard spider.

J.J Sawicki/ArtSmith Designs - 30 Temple Street

I am a self-taught artist. I have been creating art in many forms since I was a kid.  I paint on canvas, draw and create digital art using lots of bright colors. Bright colors bring me joy and I want to bring that joy to others. I have been doing a lot of fantasy type digital art recently which is what I will be displaying at ArtWalk!  I will have dozens and dozens of 11x14 prints for sale at just $10 each! Come see me!