Dear ArtWalk Participant, 

Please take a moment to provide feedback regarding your experience at ArtWalk 2014. Please be aware, there are no personal identifiers on this survey. You are welcome to give feedback anonymously, or identify yourself. We thank you for taking the time to help us build upon this annual event's success, identify what participants enjoy most, and areas where we can continue to improve. 

Warm Regards, 

Paul Shea
ArtWalk 2015 Committee Chair 

Are you an artist, venue, food stop, or attendee of the ArtWalk?
Artist's Venue
If you are an artist, did you have/use your own studio or were you assigned a venue for ArtWalk?
This year we held ArtWalk in the month of October. What are your thoughts regarding the best time of year for this event?
How beneficial was ArtWalk to you? In what ways?
What did you enjoy most about ArtWalk?
What would you change about ArtWalk?
What would you like to see again next year?
What feedback did you receive from customers that will help us plan future ArtWalk events?
Did you share information about ArtWalk with others, and if so, how?
Do you plan to participate in ArtWalk next year?
Yes - Artist
If yes, and you are an artist, do you wish to stay in the same venue or do you want a different venue?
If yes, and you are a venue, did the artist assigned to your location work well, and would you like to have them back next year?
This survey is anonymous. If you believe that it would be of benefit to you personally, and help us improve your future ArtWalk experience, fill in your name or business name below.
Please provide any other comments or feedback.