City Arts Nashua Presents
11th Annual ArtWalk Weekend 2015

September 11 - 12 - 13
ArtWalk Weekend 2015 is the Place To Be

Artist's Statements

Around 100 artists will be exhibiting and selling their work at ArtWalk this year. Fine art, crafts, quilts, jewelry, photography, 3-D art and so much more. The list of Artists shows where they will be located, and what they have to offer. You can shop local for your holiday gifts and support the arts in the greater Nashua area. Plan your route with our ArtWalk Program/Map, and be sure to include Entertainment/Events when you visit ArtWalk this year.

Jennifer Lamerand
I am a professional photograph featuring my landscape photography on canvas.  I paint with pixels and print my landscapes on canvas so they resemble paintings.  All are gallery wrapped, stretching the artist’s canvas so it wraps around the stretcher bar and is secured in the back of the wooden frame, allow you to frame your piece of art – or not.  I also specialize in portraits and weddings.

Timothy Foley
I've been paintings oil on canvas for 19 yrs. I have painted in various styles and genres like impressionism, surrealism, cubism among others.

Debbie Auclair
I am primarily a self-taught photographer and artist, capturing the outdoors with my camera for over 40 years.  I have taken many courses and workshops to improve my skills in the constantly changing photo environment. Back in the film era I was published in several regional magazines and newspapers, including NH Wildlife and NH Profiles Magazine and won numerous awards. Five years ago I picked up a paintbrush and have been dabbling in acrylic, and watercolor, expressing myself through abstract art.  Both my art and photography reflect my deep love of nature and the outdoors.

Madeleine LaRose
I am a mainly self-taught artist who has taken lessons over the years from a variety of local artists. I still take lessons. Presently, I paint mostly in acrylics, but am beginning to create work using soft pastels. I also enjoy doing entangle designs with mixed media. My work is traditional representation. Most of my work is landscapes, but I'm also beginning to do more still life.

Carmen Verdi
I am a self-taught, visual artist from Nashua, NH. My medium of choice is pencil, although I enjoy using pen & ink and pastel. The subjects I choose are human beings, mostly gathered in large crowds and active. My pencil work is performed using only pencil lines on paper with each piece completed after 50 hours of work. My goal is to share my work with the public, and other artists, one day, making art my career.

Cindy Goodman
My daughter Krystal and I enjoy making quilts together at our studio All American Quilt Company.  We have made several Quilts of Valor and personally presented them to our local Marines. We rent out our long arm quilting machine to customers who like to finish their own quilts and also complete quilts for customers. We love making memory quilts out of t-shirts or family photos.

Kimberly Leach
I am a sculptor of cloth and paper mache.  I enjoy creating and bringing to life fantasy creatures. Many of the materials I use are simple or recycled items: cloth, newspapers, and wire hangers.  I sculpt the piece of paper mache and give it a cloth skin, then use an airbrush to add color.  You’d be surprised how strong my critters are!  This is my second year at the Art Walk.  Come find me at Parc Renaissance and adopt one of my creatures for your very own!

Carla Sullivan
I refer to myself as a Pajama Artist, I love waking up with my cup of coffee and and heading down to my studio at home in my pajamas to create, to revive, to make come to life a new piece. My love of finding inspiration in old pieces of furniture, old rusty, or run down items, has always been a passion of mine. My art is my way to be creative in a therapeutic manner, while allowing me to share the beauty that is possible by giving new life and new beginnings to old things.

Doug Huntley
My interest is in making images that speak to the elusiveness and fragility of our world and our own individual existence. When I start a painting I don’t know what it will look like when finished. I like to make shapes and textures that push me to see the world with fresh eyes and consider things in a different way. Materials I use include sand, plaster, rocks and burlap that I glue with modeling paste and gels on the canvas. Then I decide if the work needs to be natural, white or colored with acrylic paint that mixes well with the gels and pastes that hold things together. In the finished mixed media painting nothing is recognizable and yet it somehow looks familiar. Did it come from the ground or is it an aerial view? The possibilities go on and on.

Tracy Hayes
My current work explores connections and the emergence of patterns in the intersections of lines, textures and values in my attempt to comprehend the contradictions and stressors of daily life. In an increasingly complicated, varied and noisy environment, I am concerned with role of individual voice. Individual efforts struggling to reach out and chart a path, buffeted and twisted by external forces; these are the catalysts for the ensuing images.

Mary Grace Markham
Fine Arts are an integral part of my design process. As a professional graphic designer, I spend a great deal of time developing ideas through illustration and sketches, which often develop into broader, non-commercial work. My children are all emerging artists, and their work is a constant inspiration for my own. We are a collaborative group, in many ways!

Olivia Burtsell
Amateur photography focusing on urban exploration and the constantly changing views of nature.

Ken Gidge
As the discoverer of a process, a new form of 3D Art that generates color projections off a flat canvas when 3D glasses are worn, I have been creating art professionally for more than decade. Under the business name of, the brilliant pallets in my on line art gallery can be enjoyed.  I am also a NH state legislator and have introduced Bill 279 to study the Economic Impact of the Arts and culture.  Bill 279 will give documentation to help to convince the public that when they celebrate, attend, invest in the arts and artists, it’s not just their hearts that are enriched, it has a significant impact on New Hampshire’s economy.

Elizabeth Clark
I was bitten by that pesky unrecognized Muse of visual arts at an early age. The Muse managed to take a pretty big chunk of my soul in that bite, and it can only be reconnected with my body when the brush is taken up. So, I learned to paint. Fortunately, the Muse is generous with her inspiration, as she points out glorious landscapes and beautiful people, as well as tiny details barely visible to the naked eye.  Those tiny details are often the inspiration for my abstract paintings, as I try to chase down the colors, patterns and textures of life. That said, the work that results is its own self. Besides naming my pieces - prosaically or poetically - I don’t like to tell people what to see, for the most part. Different people will take different messages from a piece, and there’s no limit on how an image can be interpreted. I don’t want to take that power away from anyone. If you like a piece only because it has pretty colors, that is enough. That’s not to say there aren’t stories or explanations behind some of my pieces, but they’re just one part of the work. What you bring as a viewer is as important to the piece as how the Muse guided me in its creation.

Laura Morin
I’m a Graphic Artist with six years Accredited Training with a concentration in Illustration. I received a BFA in 2008 from Montserrat College of Art. I have spent my time since graduation exploring the potential of my art, to better realize my abilities and direction. My goal is to work in the graphic arts industry on animated films, taking a story line and enhancing its presentation through my art, with a perfect feel to each piece of detail. I work with multiple media including digital media, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, photography, charcoal, pastel, oil and acrylics.

Celeste Guidice
When visiting my studio and gallery at Studio C in the Picker Building you will find a diverse collection of award-winning images, from travel and landscape to abstract, and more. In addition to my commercial advertising and fine art photography, I teach photography and conduct several workshops annually. See more of my work at:

Ken Fiery
Painting for me is deeply emotional and joyful. My painting is a record of my experience. Most of my work begins on site, en plein air, and is then later completed in my studio.  As I begin a painting it is always an adventure that I hope will express the emotional experience that captured me in the first place.  When it does, it is a beautiful mystery that stirs my soul every time that I look at it and is what I want to share with others. Painting initially was a hobby for most of my life until I recently made it my profession. My previous career, built upon a doctorate in psychology and licensed as a pastoral psychotherapist, focused on treating individuals and couples in private practice. During that time I was a student of the late prominent New Hampshire artist, Calvin Libby and then later a student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. My most recent teacher of many years, who now remains my mentor and friend, is Maine Coast painter Stan Moeller. I am an associate member of the Oil Painters of America.

Gail Moriarty
I am a silversmith who enjoys creating one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. My specialty is designing and crafting custom pieces of jewelry commissioned by customers here in NH and across the country. I’ve been working for the past eight years in my studio in the Picker Building, which is part of the historic Mill Yard area of downtown Nashua, New Hampshire.

Samantha Lee
Since early childhood, I have been passionate about art. Having traveled all around the world from canyons in Midwest to countryside in Italy, to mountains in Asia, I’ve developed appreciation in the beauty of nature and landscapes. I enjoy painting vast landscapes from a distance exemplifying the beauty of nature and essence of the scenery. All of my paintings involve the use of a paintbrush, a wide array of colors of acrylic paint, and canvas. Most of my paintings have a heavy sky component that often connects with different aspects of humanity, representing openness, serenity, and possibility, and reflecting a particular mood. The simplicity of greenery and local vegetation (trees, flowers, scrubs, etc.) accentuates the environment. The colors manifested in nature contrast the striking dullness of everyday life. These features are reflected in all of my paintings.

Jack Dokus
I am a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen and have been working in lost wax casting since 1972. My work speaks for itself.  Whimsy, good humor, and love of Nature have been the theme of my life and are reflected in my organic designs. Jack is holding a Lost Wax Casting/Metal Jewelry workshop from 12:30 – 2:30 pm on Saturday at the League of NH Craftsmen on Main Street.

Robert Dorr
I have been a juried member of the League since 2011. My work layers different types of fibers and stitches in hand-embroidered jewelry. Robert is holding a Stumpwork Embroidery workshop from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at the League of NH Craftsmen on Main Street.

Lynda Petropulos
Intrigued by animals in motion, my goal as a fiber artist is to capture energy and soul in my felted sculptures.  My artwork is all about texture; I use sheep, alpaca, and angora fiber to create original, unique pieces.  My work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and the book The Art and Soul of the Souhegan Valley by Gail Maloney.  I am a juried member of the Hollis Arts Society and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, where I have been awarded “Best in Fiber Award” and “People’s Choice Award.
Lynda is holding a Needle Felting workshop from Noon – 2:00 pm on Sunday at the League of NH Craftsmen on Main Street.

Paula Ellis
I create and teach using the relaxing art of Zentangle, which is a structured, contained doodle created with the intention of producing a finished piece of art. Paula is conducting a Zentangle on Fabric workshop from 1:00 – 2:30 pm on Sunday at the League of NH Craftsmen on Main Street.

Lisa Chaloner
I create beautiful rugs and teach the techniques involved, as well as the history of this craft, which is native to New England. Lisa is holding a Traditional Rug Hooking workshop from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the League of NH Craftsmen on Main Street.

Charles Walla
My exploration into photography was separated into two intervals by a forty year career in technology.  Initially after college I used a second hand 33 mm camera and shot exclusively in black and white, processed and printed in my “mirco” darkroom (who needs a second bathroom). At that time color seemed cheap and superficial to me compared to the warm tones and luminosity produced with Tri-x film on Agfa Brovira paper. I was influenced by Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier –Bresson. I studied with both Ruth Bernard and Oliver Gagliani in California. Other photographers that influenced me were Brassai, Alfred Stieglitz and Eduard Steichen. It was a heady time for a young photographer.  Upon retiring three years ago I studied at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, taking almost every photography course offered. With my latest photography tools I’ve learned that shooting RAW with a digital camera, processing digital negatives in Lightroom and Photoshop, and printing on modern printers could produce images truly superior to those I had created earlier in my career, either back and white or color. Come see my work at the Picker Building.

Barbara Lester
I have been working with glass for about seven years. What started as a “fun” hobby with a weekend class quickly became an obsession for glass. I enjoy creating pieces of art that are functional (food safe) and can be used or displayed. Working and experimenting with glass can be a humbling experience, as many factors such as type of glass, fusing schedules and even room temperatures can affect the finished product. Also knowing the components that make up the glass colors, such as copper, sulfur, lead, and how they react to each other can change the original design, sometimes with interesting results. All of my work is individually made in my kiln, carefully designed, fused and annealed for many years of use. I am a member of the Nashua Area Artist Association, the Bedford Craftworkers Guild and of "New Hampshire Made," an organization which works to increase the awareness and demand for products made in New Hampshire.