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Zombie Bike Ride

Join iUGO Nashua on October 15th for the inaugural Nashua Zombie Bike Ride! From 2 PM to 5 PM, the witching hour doth approaches as the Undead will ride and peddle the streets of Nashua! We plan to start close to the garages and parking lots with an hour + of Zombie preparations in the parking lot of the old District Court House. Make-Up artists will be on hand to make sure you look your ghoulish best, zombie bike decoration preparation is encouraged, and we might even have a couple zombie inspired performances! Once preparations are complete, we’ll take to the streets on our bikes for a Zombie Bike Ride parade through downtown Nashua! This ride is intended more as a leisurely bike ride than a race, and families are invited to all join in the fun! If we don’t have at least one zombie baby then this isn’t a true zombie bike ride!


A Bike Ride with Zombies, duh… A zombie bike ride is a family friendly, casual and fun ride where participants dress up like zombies and show off their ghoulish best as they parade around the downtown area. Our ride is inspired by the famous Key West Zombie Bike Ride, but will take a decidedly Nashuan turn as it coincides with Nashua Art Walk Weekend, and draws upon all we have to offer here in New Hampshire.