1. RJ Finlay                  
30 Temple Street – ArtWalk Headquarters

Debbie Auclair Painting Photography of nature and outdoors
Alli Blanchette Abstract/whimsical impressionism
Jennifer Blocker Acrylic portraits, landscapes and abstracts
Diana Boyle Artistic to whimsy gourd art
Olivia Burtsell Photography with specialization in urban scenes
Elizabeth Clark Acrylic paintings, digital photos, note cards
Rich Cortez Photography and graphic design
Elizabeth Craumer Creative Ventures Gallery, Pastel oils and watercolors
Eric Escobar Graffiti and contemporary art
Timothy Foley Oil and acrylics
Ken Gidge Abstract 3D paintings
Caitlin Gillam Abstract acrylic paintings
Heidi Harris Working in a variety of media
Miles Keefe Graphite, colored pencil and ink
Susan King Realism landscapes, seascapes in acrylics, gouache, mixed media
Madeleine LaRose Acrylic paints and pastels
Kimberly Leach Cloth and paper mache dragons and fantastic creatures
Elizabeth LeBlanc Mixed media paintings
Carla Sullivan Repurposed art
Sugitha Srinivasan Watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media paintings, jewelry
Simon Sarris Fine art photography
Mary Grace Markham Painting, drawing, collage, digital art
Levity DeBow Painting, drawing, collage, digital art
Arabella DeBow Painting, drawing, collage, digital art
Music DeBow Painting, drawing, collage, digital art
Julian DeBowPainting, drawing, collage, digital art
Teresa Moler Paintings and puppetry
Sandy Presley Landscapes and floral stillife in watercolors and mixed media
Michaila Sheehan Acrylic paintings, charcoal drawings
Deborah Sutton Oil on canvas portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, florals
Stephen Topia Landscape and animal photography
Laura Tyers Oil landscapes, pet portraits, florals

ArtHub Gallery                                                                     
30 Temple Street

Nashua Area Artists Association Members
Various mediums, 2D and 3D art, jewelry, sculptures, soaps, candles

2. Nashua Historical Society                                                 
5 Abbott Street

Open 10:00 am – 2:00 PM Saturday Only
Abbot-Spalding and Speare Museums

3. Riverwalk Café                                                            
35 Railroad Square

Assortment of Local Artisans

4. Riverside BBQ                                                                     
53 Main Street

Adult Coloring – Prints by Cole Gove
Samuel Aman Portraits, still life, architecture and landscape, digital and traditional mediums
Michelle Alfonso Graphite and mixed media illustrations

5. Darrell’s Music Hall                                                              
75 Main Street

Tammy Jann Nature photography

6. The Framery                                                                      
60 Main Street

Various Artists

7. League of NH Craftsmen                                                   
98 Main Street

Artist Demonstrations

8. Twill                                                                                    
100 Main Street

Damien Kane Pen drawings/sketches, painting, printmaking

9. Healing in Color                                                
120 Main Street, Suite 104

Dominique Boutaud Abstract artwork
Lotus Lien Abstract work in clay, acrylic, oil, encaustic
Various Artists

10. Studio C                                                          
115 Main Street, Suite 302

Sandy Machell Oil and pastel fine art in “The Boston School” tradition
Celeste Guidice Commercial and artistic photography

11. Cardin Jewelers                                                               
125 Main Street

Ken Fiery Oil and acrylic paintings

12. Wine Not Boutique                                                           
170 Main Street

Various Artists

13. S.Grigas Studio                             
174 Main Street, 2nd floor, Suite 7 & 8

Sally Grigas Figures and landscapes in oils and dry mediums

14. Fresh of Nashua (Sat. only)                                              
178 Main Street

Dani Schmidt Oil, acrylic, ink and watercolor

15. Pompanoosuc Mills                                                          
186 Main Street

Donna Levine Abstract oil paintings, collage
Douglas Huntley Mixed media abstract paintings
Maureen Donovan Still life and landscapes
Cheryl Kessler Fabric art and acrylic on canvas
Peter Dixon Color-field paintings, Renaissance style oil on canvas
Tracy Hayes Paintings

16. Maison De L’ Art (Sat. only)                                                      
57 East Pearl Street

Monique Sakellarios Fine art painting

17. Tangled Roots Herbal                                             
93 West Pearl Street

Andrew L. Patterson Pen and Ink, Watercolors

18. Hollis Arts Society                                                 
100 West Pearl Street

Various artists

19. Beckonings (Sat. only)                                                    
221 Main Street

Barbara Lester Functional fused glass art -- one of a kind glasswork

20. Just Lights                                                                            
10 Pine Street

Stacy Topjian Searle Pen and ink drawings

21. Picker Collaborative Artists                                                 
3 Pine Street

Patricia Ahern Eclectic art in 2D and 3D
Mark & Kathleen Frank, Renaissance Glass Custom stained & leaded glass
Bonnie Guercio Mixed media
Cindy Loranger Contemporary and jazz art
Gail Moriarty Handcrafted artisan jewelry
Tanya Prather Ecoprint clothing and fine art on silk and wool
Darold Rorabacher Hand crafted custom furniture