Laura Tyers

As a young child I was fascinated with color and form and this is what started my interested in art, specifically painting. Throughout my educational years, art always remained my focus. In the years that followed, my love for art and creation took a back seat to family and work and for 35 years my for art and creation was dormant.  Now I am fortunate to have the time to fulfill my creative passion, by devoting a few hours each week to painting with a focus on oils. I love to explore the color and texture of nature and find joy in painting the world around me, whether it is landscapes, florals, pet portraits or people involved in everyday activities.

I live in Wilton, NH and you can find me busy at my studio in downtown Wilton where I share space with an artist friend. Although we have no formal training, we like to collaborate and continue to push each other to go beyond our artistic comfort level.