Mary Grace Markham

In our family, art making is a way of life. As a graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator, I find drawing and painting both therapeutic and constructive toward the creative and ideation process. Our household is filled with easels, paint, sketchbooks, laptops, iPads, cameras, cellos, guitars, trumpets, and clarinets! Art making is a way for all of the artists in residence to unwind, express, and find a narrative voice, as we pursue a lifelong love of learning. As members of the Gate City Charter School for the Arts, all four student artists (Levity, Arabella, Music, and Julian) pursue an arts integrated approach to learning and growth, and thus our education is infused with art, and our art is infused with education- new mediums and outlets are always trickling in! Our home features a gallery of our studio art works, which we are adding to constantly. I see participation in the Art Walk is an excellent opportunity for (my) student artist to gain the experience of selecting work for a gallery show, and experiencing the effect of their artwork on a larger audience, as well as an exploration into the process of monetizing art.