Simon Sarris

I am an artist based out of the attic of some lady's house in Nashua. Photography for me is collaborative art between myself and the rest of the world. Sometimes the rest of the world is nature, sometimes it is a scene passing by that I hope to steal for myself and my viewers, and sometimes it involves very, very patient friends. When I find a good photograph in the wild and take it, it feels like finding treasure. Usually when I take a photograph I feel like I am capturing or taking something (stealing) from the world.

A small moment of time that I have bottled up. It almost makes me feel guilty. But I love the natural, the absurd, the humanistic, and I love them so much I want to show them to you. When I photograph people I prefer to "find" people in street scenes or shoot candidly, or ask amateur friends and strangers to model. If you are not a professional model and want to model for me, here are some criteria: must have infinite patience; must be OK with your body; must be OK with makeup but also without makeup; must be OK with acrylic paint; must be comfortable with mud, dirt, grass, hay, flowers; must garner appreciation for moss; if male, vascular bony hands a plus; must like the smell of books; must be at least vaguely sentimental, must like the words damozel and eglantine; must be willing to be stuck in a car with me for hours; must be comfortable with me attempting to discuss why Staedtler makes the best pencil erasers for those hours; must like at least one Coen Brothers movie; must like water; must like beaches that have tiny and big rocks instead of sand; must be OK with cold; must admire the tenacity and struggle of both the lion and the gazelle; must like the mountains; must be able to climb waterfalls; must be able to gaze into the abyss; experience with nietzsche a plus; must have no fear of bears; ennui a plus, knowledge of the cosmic sadness a plus; sun worship a plus; must be available on weekends; if you live somewhere really neat I will travel.  Also it would help if you have a large comfort zone. Or are OK with getting outside of your comfort zone. Or you could be like me and just be uncomfortable all of the time. This is not paid and I do this for fun. I mean will buy you dinner, which is essentially always true, I will buy anyone dinner. Do you want to get dinner? Not tonight Iā€™m busy.