2013 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium, 5/19-6/8

 The Sixth Annual Nashua International Sculpture Symposium, "Celebrate/Celebrar", will run from May 19 to June 8.  This exciting event is one of only three such symposia in the entire United States.  Sculptors for 2013 are:

The Symposium welcomes the public to the following events:

  • Opening: Sunday, May 19 , at 3 pm at the Nashua Public Library
  • Visit the Artists at Work: Monday, May 20 through Friday, June 7, from 9 am - 5 pm, at Ultima NIMCO in the Millyard; Google Map: 1 Spine St, Nashua
  • Closing: Saturday, June 8th, at 1pm, at Park Social at Labine (corner of Pine and Ledge Streets)

The Nashua International Sculpture Symposium is a collaborative volunteer endeavor of the City of Nashua, Nashua Arts Commission, City Arts Nashua, the Nashua Area Artists Association and the Andres Institute of Art. 

The purpose of NISS is to create outdoor public art that engages the public, generates enthusiasm for art, and identifies Nashua as a unique and special place. 

Each year since 2008 artists are invited to Nashua for three weeks to create outdoor public art for the City. The artists’ stipend plus materials are the only costs. All other needs for a successful event are generously donated by the community.  NIMCO has generously donated the space for the artists to work. Throughout the three weeks of the Symposium, people sign up to provide lunch and dinner for the artists. Host families open their homes. Volunteers provide transportation. The Symposium Committee, all volunteers as well, organize various fundraisers.

For more information or to get involved, please call Kathy at 589-3075, or email Nashua.sculpture@gmail.com